Kitesurfing Sardegna, your Kitesurf School in Cagliari for Sardinia Kitesurfing

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Sardinia Kitesurfing | Kitesurfing Sardegna kiteschool in Cagliari

Sardinia Kitesurfing | Kitesurfing Sardegna kiteschool in Cagliari

Kitesurfing Sardegna’s purpose is to help each student to learn to kitesurf in a fast, fun and safe way, bringing the student to have a good control and handle of kite.

Quality of Kitesurfing Lessons , fun in learning kitesurfing are our watchwords!

Instructors of Kitesurfing Sardegna, kitesurf school based in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy), have been practicing and teaching kitesurfing for many years, using an internationally recognized teaching code.

Step by Step, by adapting the Kitesurfing course and the lessons to your ability and desires , we will achieve together the goals and we eill get the independence in kitesurfing .

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, Kitesurfing Sardegna has a Kitesurfing Lesson for you!


Kitesurfing Lessons proposed by Kitesurfing Sardegna

Fiind the suitable Kitesurfing Lessons that Kitesurfing Sardegna proposes to his students.

Keep in mind that, for each Kitesurfing Lessons , you will receive all the necessary equipment and a kitesurfing insurance card.


  • Beginner Sardinia Kitesurfing Lessons

The Sardinia kitesurfing lessons for beginners is for people that never had any kitesurfing lessons before.

Safety rules, setting and control of the kite, body dragging , water start, nothing will be overlooked!

For this course , no special knowledge is required: just know how to swim!


  • Advanced Sardinia Kitesurfing Lessons

Have you already completed a course but you are not able to water start?

Or did you have kitesurfing on the water just for few meters?

Would you like to how how change in direction or make your first jump?

Choose the Advanced Sardinia Kitesurfing Lessons, they are the right for you!


  • Special Sardinia Kitesurfing packagesand rental service

Kitesurf Course for Children | Sardinia Kitesurfing Cagliari

Kitesurf Course for Children in Cagliari | Sardinia Kitesurfing

Click on following links to discover the Sardinia kitesurfing Lessons for women and children, the Sardinia Kitesurfing Holidays Packages and the kitesurf rental service::


For information and bookings, please contact Kitesurfing Sardinia